3D-UX Tennis

ScreenShot Image : 3D-UX Tennis - 3D tennis game for Silverlight®

3D-UX Tennis is a compact third person perspective projection view three dimensional tennis game designed for Microsoft® Silverlight®. This game features an intuitive player-control system and allows you to enjoy playing exciting virtual tennis singles with computer opponents in various challenging levels though the UX Open Tennis Championship tournament.

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How-to-Play Instructions

ScreenShot Image : The UX Open Tennis Championship Tournament - Virtual realistic 3D tennis game for Microsoft .NET Framework for Silverlight

The final objective of the game is simply to win the title of the UX Open Tennis Championship by winning five matches in the tournament ([1] Qualifying-Round, [2] Semi-Quarter-Finals, [3] Quarter-Finals, [4] Semi-Finals and [5] Final)*. Matches are to be played with standard rules of tennis-singles basically, but some complicated rules are omitted for simplicity. To know about the details of the rules, see the section below.

* Default playing sequence is winning matches one by one. But you can also challange the match in highler level directly like a "seed" in a tournament, if you want to become a champion quickly. Enjoy playing game in the way that your like.

You can play the game only with mouse actions as follows;

ScreenShot Image : Forehand ground strokes / 3D-UX Tennis - Virtual realistic 3D tennis game for Microsoft .NET Framework for Silverlight

Serves: In your service game, determine player's standing point first by positioning mouse cursor on the court. And hold down the mouse button to have the character begin a serve swing by tossing up the ball. When the ball flies up around top and swing-power (arch-bar gauge on the ground) gets 100%, release the mouse button to finish the swing.

Ground-strokes: Run on the court with mouse cursor motion so that the face-center (sweet-spot) of the racket can hit the ball properly within reach. Hold down and release mouse button to take a swing as in serve-strokes. The side of swing (forehand or backhand) is automatically choosen according to the player's facing direction at the moment the motion begins.

Rules of Matches

All matches in the tournament shall be played under the simplified single-set-match rule;

Match Results

ScreenShot Image : Match results and a statistical performance report / 3D-UX Tennis - Virtual realistic 3D tennis game for Microsoft .NET Framework for Silverlight

When a match gets over, the match results are displayed to show you a summary of the match-results (match-title and game-counts) and a statistical performance report that is useful for analysis of your gameplays.

The report includes; number of points gained through
[1] aces on services (righthand-side / lefthand-side) and
[2] successful ground strokes in rallies (forehand / backhand)
and number of points lost through
[1] double faults on services (each side) and
[2] mis-ground-strokes (short or out for backhand/forehand).

Frequently Asked Questions

*If you have questions to be put here, please write an email to the contact address through "feedback" link in the footer of this web-page.


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